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Basic Principle

Building on the idea of living in symbiosis with nature, we provide a healthy and comfortable lifestyle that is in harmony with body and mind.

Management Guidelines.

We will infuse your everyday life with beauty, wellness, joy, and excitement, using our trusted manufacturing experience.

We aim to share our goals with clients and foster sincere partnerships.

We will cultivate a lively workplace with rich resources and plenty of room for our employees to develop every day.

We aspire to be a company that prioritizes the natural environment and always contributes towards society.

We aim for lean and strong management that is in accordance with laws and ethics.

Standards of Conduct

Our customers come first in everything we do.

We will act based on seeing and experiencing first-hand through site visits.

We will act with a sense of mission, sincerity, and pride.

We will strive for self-improvement and take on new challenges.

We will discuss thoroughly, deepen understanding of each other, and orchestrate our efforts.

We will act with propriety and comply with laws and ethics.