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Bathclin insists on quality to ensure comfort and peace of mind.
Our foundations are nature’s power,
consideration for people and the environment,
and gentleness.

Promoting a Healthy and
Comfortable Lifestyle

As set forth in our corporate message, “reclaim the innate power of people with nature’s power,” we aim to solve people’s health issues by utilizing the power of natural materials (herbal medicine and hot springs), which we have researched.

We will provide products and services that promote optimal health for each and every one of our customers.

Our Challenge
with New Kinds of Products

Bathclin Corporation’s product line-up extends beyond bath additives to a wide range of lifestyle merchandise, including hair and skincare items, and kitchen detergents. Each of these products is made according to knowledge gleaned from our research on herbal medicine and hot springs.

The building blocks of our company (nature’s power, consideration for people and the environment, and gentleness) form the underlying philosophy for our operation.

They are also Bathclin Corporation’s greatest strengths.

The potential to utilize nature’s bounty to benefit our daily lives is sure to grow in the future.

While being a pioneer of bath additives, we have been challenging ourselves to expand into new areas, with products such as hair-growth formula and washing soap.

We anticipate having great opportunities in these new fields. We wish to bring environmentally friendly products and news, which provide comfort and peace of mind, to people in various aspects of their lives.