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The Trick to a Truly Satisfying Footbath

With a dip in the right footbath you can soak away the aches of the day right away.
Bathing tips

Even a Quick Bath Can Take your Tension Away!

Everyone knows the feeling when your shoes feel unbearably tight from having been on your feet all day or when your feet are swollen as the result of a sweltering summer’s day.

Failure to relieve swelling on the same day it occurs can be bad for your circulation, and make it harder and harder to recover, perpetuating a vicious cycle of swelling issues, so don’t take swelling lightly.

The trick to relieving tension is to place your feet in a relaxing bath of warm water, before gently massaging from toe to ankle. As you encourage circulation, you will feel the swelling gradually subside. Even a footbath as seen in the image to the right is all you need to ease swelling.



The Perfect Footbath

Warm, not hot water, at around 37 to-39 degrees Celsius is ideal. As you soak your feet, your circulation will improve and the blood concentrated around your feet will disperse. Even without massage the warm water encourages blood flow.

Top Tip

To effectively recover from swollen feet why not try gently rubbing your soles while in the footbath or, after you have got out, sit or sleep with your feet slightly higher than your body.

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